What We Do

Integrating a product, service or message successfully into the marketing ecosystem requires a complete range of services, as one marketing formula does not work for all. We have a wide range of services that can help your business grow and reach much larger audiences.

Integrated Marketing Plans

We believe the client’s message must reach customers and prospects through the wide array of tools that people use to connect, including social media. Only truly integrated marketing and advertising plans can effectively reach these fragmented audiences to create emotional connections. Wherever your audience is, we will find a way to reach them. We Follow The Eyes!

Digital Marketing

Full Service Demand Side Platform

Follow The Eyes is a full service Demand Side Platform (DSP). Being a DSP means that through our platform we have access to digital advertising inventory across all the major ad exchanges, networks, and publishers. Since we are able to buy directly from these inventory sources, we are able to offer our customers cost effective campaign pricing, real-time optimizations, and the highest level of customer service.

“Direction, Purpose, & Positive Results”

The Follow The Eyes team has helped our company’s digital program achieve direction, purpose and positive results.
– Granite State Glass, NH


Most consumers still want the assurances that a strong brand reputation conveys, especially as the price of the purchase increases. Whether the need is for positioning or pricing research, corporate identity, or online/offline brand communications, our agency will help you launch a new brand or strengthen an existing one.


Design can be color, shape, material, size, weight, graphics, interface, functionality, or usability. In our world it’s graphic design for an ad, a website, a brochure, a banner ad, or an email campaign. It’s a coherent design aesthetic that communicates everything that sets the brand apart and makes it instantly recognizable. We guide our clients through the maze of “what ifs” and craft a design that works to convey the right message to the right audience through the right media. Our team of sharp graphic designers will bring your brand to life from concept to completion.

Video Production

Video is the king of content. Google places a high priority on video when determining website search relevance. YouTube and Facebook are now stand-alone ad exchanges focused on video. Our video production capabilities span all types of products and uses. We specialize in Business Promotional, Product Demonstration, TV Commercials, and long/short form Corporate Presentations. Our talented team will work with your needs, desired outcomes and supply creative assistance from pre-production through post-production. We deliver the finished product per your specifications and archive your assets.

Social Media

Our social media management services are dedicated to increasing your brand’s online presence. We help your brand establish trust and build relationships with potential buyers. Our social media management services develop increased awareness, website traffic and lead generation through strategies formulated for your specific needs. Additional benefits include influenced Google rankings and customer service to current and potential customers. Our social media team will listen to your needs and provide guidance on strategy development, campaign planning, community engagement, ad buying/optimization, and provide in-depth reporting.

Media Buying

We create media plans based on our collaborative work with your business, our research, and our years of experience in a variety of industries. After our experienced media team develops a strategy, establishes the markets, budget, timeframe, and other criteria for your campaign, we determine the specific tactics that will carry out this strategy. You’ll have complete clarity about our intended approach and confidence in its success. Our approach to media planning goes beyond recommendations and into rationale. We explain why we advise a display advertising campaign over print media, why flights should coincide with or avoid a competitor’s messaging, and why search engine marketing or social media advertising should be part of your approach. Clients choose us for many reasons, but our collaborative, thoughtful, and clear approach is one of the most important. Wherever your audience is, we’ll find a way to reach them. We Follow The Eyes!


Quantifying ad spending or marketing influence has historically been a challenge in our industry. We have invested in technology to provide in-depth analytics, which help our clients evaluate the impacts of their campaigns. ComScore, Nielsen, Kantar and Strata are utilized when reviewing traditional media campaigns. Our digital analytics can retrieve over 180 data points to create customized relevant reports. Plus, we use our digital analytics to constantly optimize client campaigns running in our platform as often as every 15 minutes! Social media management tools vary by client needs. We utilize SproutSocial, Hootsuite, and Brand24 for clients who focus heavily on social engagement.

Digital Video and Display Advertising

Programmatic display enables you to serve the right ads, to the right people, at the right time and, most importantly, at the right stage of their product journey. We have tremendous experience of how to plan, deliver and report on display campaigns. Our Demand Side Platform allows us to employ numerous strategies, leveraged against 193 sources of third-party data. We have access to 98% of the Internet and utilize third-party auditors to prevent fraudulent impressions/views. Our pre-roll video algorithm allows us to choose the player size, incorporate many layers of granular targeting, and deliver superior results with respect to completion rates and clicks. Our digital strategies team evaluates every campaign, every day, and optimizes for the strongest campaign results.

Web Development

It's impossible for a brand to exist in the modern era without a clean, responsive, easy to navigate website. Our team of designers will put your brand on the cutting edge and make sure you're performing up to your potential. So many companies invest heavily in a new website only to be lost in the online shuffle. It’s crucial to balance your website investment with a corresponding investment in SEM. Our services include SEM (pay per click), behavioral or contextual targeting, and ongoing site performance management.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Companies run the gamut in their attitudes about SEM/PPC: Some love it, some are skeptical, and most are indifferent. But an affordable dynamic SEM/PPC campaign managed by a professional provides just about any company with a number of significant benefits — many of which it may not have considered. Follow The Eyes utilizes dynamic, long-string search modeling to create dynamic ad service based on search queries. In addition, we combine best practices with competitive management fees. Our belief is client ad spend should not suffer the 20-30% fee structure inherent in the SEM/PPC industry. We deliver local, national and global PPC campaigns that make our clients' businesses reap more sales leads and online revenue, higher quality sales leads, maximized ROI for SEM/PPC campaigns, improved sales performance, brand awareness benefits, and competitive advantages over competitors through higher visibility.