The Competitive Edge: Second Quarter, 2019


FTE Summer Sizzle
I’ve worked as a media professional for close to ten years, and almost every year things start to slow down a bit at the end of the second quarter. Most clients have their budgets set for the remainder of the year, so it’s time to take a deep breath before lacing up the bootstraps for upfront planning, or as we at Follow The Eyes have graciously coined it, “silly season.” However, it doesn’t seem as though we’re going to hit that mid-summer lull anytime soon! In fact, things are heating up. Let’s take a look at the recent happenings at FTE by exploring how they relate to the three core values of our company…


Get It Done
While many businesses go into a bit of hibernation mode during the summer, several Follow The Eyes clients are kicking it into high gear. In June and July, we’ve been busy promoting three of the four premiere

events (Late Model Dream, Kings Royal, NASCAR Trucks Dirt Derby) for Eldora Speedway. We’re hoping to help the “World’s Greatest Dirt Track” continue to shatter attendance records. Meanwhile down in Florida, One Stop Cooling is busy installing and servicing air conditioners, which means making sure we’re communicating their same day service and minimal wait times. The team has also been busy onboarding new all-star clients
like Boondocks, who provide quality entertainment and experiences for their guests at their four locations in Colorado and Utah.


Continuous Improvement
Follow The Eyes continues its march toward hitting the goals and initiatives we laid out in our 2018 strategic plan. The lofty growth goals that were set are now within reach. Each individual department is also working on creating their own strategic plan to ensure we’re providing our clients the highest level of service possible. In August, FTE department heads will begin a two- year conscious leadership program to help prepare for even more expansion.


The FTE Family
Second quarter saw FTE welcome several new team members into our company. Brandon Miller (Digital Strategy), Samantha Stechschulte (Client Services), and Kristin Diller (Graphic Design) joined the company in the second quarter and have already made significant contributions to the team. Looking forward to third quarter, FTE will be adding new business development representatives in our Orlando and Minneapolis markets. Finally, the FTE extended family grew by two members with the engagement of Samantha to her finance, Dillon, as well as the arrival of Nate’s daughter, Maya. This will bring the total tally of FTE family members to over 50. Exciting times are ahead at Follow The Eyes.




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