The Competitive Edge: October 2018 Edition

Fake News Runs Faster than the Truth

by Kiley Rowe

It’s late, and you’re in bed scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed when you stumble upon an article with a title that says something snarky about that politician you just can’t stand. You share it because based on your preconceived notions of the politician it’s obviously true, then you keep scrolling.

Research shows 6 in 10 people will share an article online after reading its title only, and 23 percent of Americans admit to having posted a fake story online. Most of us consider ourselves immune to online disinformation, but if that’s true, why has fake news become so pervasive?

A study conducted by MIT analyzed 126,000 stories on Twitter between 2006 and 2017. The analysis showed false stories reached a 100 times bigger audience and spread faster than true stories. The top 1 percent of the analyzed false news reached between 1,000 and 100,000 users, while the fact-based news reached only 1,000 users on average.

Here are some tips on how to decipher what’s real and fake:

  • Look for exaggerated language
  • Watch for first-person and second-person pronouns. Valid news is more likely to avoid language that seems too personal.
  • Keep an eye out for vague expressions or words that lessen the impact of statement (ex. somewhat, maybe, apparently)
  • Look for the source! Who was the article published by, a reputable news company or a conspiracy blogger?
  • Lastly, think before you share. Does the title even make sense? Does it seem too good/bad to be true? If so, it probably is.


Employee Spotlight: Adam Sealts

Vice President of Digital Strategy

I am the Vice President of Digital Strategy for Follow The Eyes. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Melissa, for 19 years, and we have three children: Megan (15), Josie (12), and Gabe (8). We enjoy working on house projects, and we keep busy with sports and family events. We also like taking weekend trips to different cities and finding unique restaurants to try. With all of us being Ohio State fans, we attend most home games to root on our Buckeyes! Go Bucks!

“I work in-house to develop digital strategies, create presentations, and work closely with the business development team.”

My advertising career started in 2002 selling Yellow Page ads for RH Donnelly/Sprint and then Yellow Book USA. After 10 years of being on the road, I was presented with the opportunity to work locally for Time Warner Cable Media selling cable television, digital display, and search engine marketing. The internet products made sense to me, and I enjoyed educating my customers on how they worked and how digital advertising could benefit their business.

I joined Follow The Eyes in July of 2015. Here I have the best of both worlds. I work in-house to develop digital strategies, create presentations, and work closely with the business development team. I also work outside of the office to assist during client meetings and handle my own client base. This balance keeps my work day fun and exciting. I enjoy what I do, and I am looking forward to who we can help next.

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