The Competitive Edge: March 2019 Edition

Four Advertising Trends Shaping The Future

by David Crnkovich

The future, it’s hard to define the meaning of that word anymore, ESPECIALLY when it comes to advertising. I’ve found it easier to spot trends than predict the future. Here are four trends we are watching at Follow The Eyes:


What used to be a one-stop-shop purchase cycle has grown into a journey where consumers engage a business in many different ways.


Omni-Channel Marketing, when executed properly, provides a seamless consumer experience across all channels. The seamless transition between desktop, mobile, and in-store experience is the ideal journey many brands are trying to create.


WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger are already outpacing the world’s biggest social networks.


The fast rise comes from chatbots – customer service agents introduced to Facebook’s messenger platform in 2018. Since then, more than 20,000 bots have been developed to help brands offer streamlined, individualized service through chat.


Once Facebook loosened the limitations on sending promotional content via chatbot, chatbots climbed in viability as a solid marketing strategy.


Digital marketers rely on data, so they track everything, try to be everywhere, and utilize automation as the technology evolves. The advancements have shown to save time, evolve depth of service, and give greater insight into what drives a business.


Email automation allows marketers to track their prospects’ behavior and send automated messages based on that behavior.


Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows businesses to sort their customers and prospects into segments for more personalized communication. The CRM typically interfaces with the email automation.


The digital advertising process is about to be upended by improvements in AI and machine learning. One of the innovations in AI that will be critical is automated content creation. AI will be able to produce and communicate with real-time content, based on user actions and tendencies, in an automated way.


And that’s just the beginning for AI!!


These tendencies give us insights about how the migration from traditional to digital delivery/reception of brand messaging is being received by consumers and how marketers are pivoting to capitalize on successful, data-driven strategies. Are you watching these tendencies?

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We’re Growing!

Follow The Eyes’ Digital Strategy Department will be growing by one strategist this quarter. Our monthly campaign total continues to grow exponentially due to our all-star business development team, and it has been a grind to keep up! Filling this open position was tricky. The world of digital advertising is ever-changing, and there isn’t much formal training taught in colleges right now. Hiring in our digital department takes a lot of time and consideration to find someone who successfully marries a knack for data-analytics and a willingness to start from square one to learn the full gamut of our digital world. Thankfully, we found an amazing person to join the FTE family starting in April. We are so excited to see how much more efficient, creative, and strategic our Digital Strategy Department will become with our new team member!