The Competitive Edge: January 2019 Edition


Moving On To 2019

by Lisa Coleman

2018 was a momentous year for our team. Brad moved from Denver to open our office in Minneapolis and be closer to family. Adam and his wife, Christina, welcomed a new baby boy into their family. Angie started her new career with FTE in May. Megan started her new career with FTE in April, and she got engaged in June! Finally, I had the pleasure of getting to know these fine people over the course of my first year as VP of Business Development.

In Q4, we were pleased to welcome these new partners to our FTE family: One Stop Cooling & Heating, Fodor Billiards, Oster Jewelers, Westerville Golf Center, Men’s Divorce Law Firm, New Jersey CyberKnife, Philadelphia CyberKnife, and Northern Nevada Medical Center.

Our Business Development team is entering the new year with steadfast resolutions to meet more people, partner with more businesses, and manage our time more efficiently. Any way you slice it, we want more! We were fortunate to spend three days with our teammates in Lima early December. It was an invaluable time to spend with our entire team and develop strategies to align with our goals for next year.

Upon consultations with local businesses, we continue to observe a common concern related to the fragmentation of media. Even in the early 2000’s, there were only a handful of options to advertise one’s business: television, radio,

yellow pages, billboards, newspapers, and magazines. That pretty much summed it up. Now, the “on-demand” consumer has so many more options to engage in entertainment, socialization, news, and research. New and exciting ways to communicate are constantly emerging! That’s why the omni-channel advertising solution we provide is more important than ever for today’s business. We excel at dissecting a business’ needs and weaving together the best formula, with multiple tools, to accomplish their marketing goals.

Speaking of new and exciting formats, Connected TV continues to be all the rage in the media world. CTV, defined as anything from smart TVs to streaming devices to game consoles, offers a kind of advertising that falls somewhere between traditional TV commercials and digital ads. It enables us to target by geography, demographics, and interests. Viewers of the same program are seeing different ads that are more likely to be relevant to them. Connected TV now accounts for 27 percent of overall video volume, and adults 18-34 now spend 24 more minutes per day with CTV devices compared to other demographics (Source: Digital News Daily). Not only are stats like these an indication of the renaissance of video, but just think about the way you’re binge watching your favorite shows these days…enough said! Consult with any of our Business Development team members on the FTE CTV solution. It’s smart, comprehensive, efficient, and as always, customized to your needs!

January Celebrations



Megan Corey

January 8th

Laura Crnkovich

January 11th

Work Anniversaries

Lindsay Smith

January 2nd

Kayla Vogel

January 15th

“You can be a fool once or you can be a fool all your life – if you don’t know something, ask questions, that way you’re only a fool once.”

– Lee Cockerell, former Disney CEO

What’s the Best Part About Working at Follow The Eyes?

In honor of their one year workiversaries, Lindsay and Kayla tell us what they like about working at Follow The Eyes.

Lindsay Smith


The best part about working at FTE for the past year has been seeing how our agency has grown to what it is now. In the past year, we have really been working hard on establishing and shaping our company culture into the vision we have for our agency. Everyone here works together to accomplish our goals and achieve our strategic plan. I really love the family we have become and the bond we have all created with each other.

Kayla Vogel


The best part about this company is the people and the culture that we have created. We’re a group of dreamers and doers. We aim high and take the necessary action to get there. Because of this, we’ve created an environment where we are able to thrive. I’m thankful for each family member and the way they’ve helped me grow and learn in the past year. It’s awesome to look back and see how far we’ve come… I can only imagine what it’s going to look like a year from now!