The Competitive Edge: Fourth Quarter, 2019


Follow The “Originals”


orig-i-nal, adj The origin or source of something; from which something springs, proceeds, or is derived.

“It’s one thing to have new ideas, but another to stand up for them.”


Adam Grant’s 2016 “Originals” is all about how to recognize and actionize good ideas, and my recent dive into this book got me thinking about the way we operate our business. Follow The Eyes has always been in pursuit of new ideas and at the tip of the spear on industry trends.

When many agencies stood at crossroads of digital advertising and said “NOPE,” FTE had already dived in headfirst. That’s just the way we are. In fact, if you look on our website, you’ll find the statement, “We’re not interested in the way it’s always been done.” Continuous Improvement is a core tenant of our culture that we strive to live every day.


So, what are some of the “originals” that Follow The Eyes will be growing in 2020?


Data and Analytics Team


Follow The Eyes is big data, so why not create our very own dedicated department? In 2020 we’ll be furthering our pursuit of using data to the advantage of our clients. This new department will focus on driving performance and insights for marketing campaigns, as well as consultative services to build in-depth studies and models to help clients recognize strengths and opportunities within their organizations.


From “What” to “Why”


The clients we work with ALL have a unique story to tell – whether they’re a financial institution, car dealership, HVAC company, or racetrack. So how will we tell these stories? VIDEO! In 2020, our social media team will be focused on creating engaging content that goes beyond the “what” of our clients and digs into the “why.”


As Follow The Eyes takes off into 2020, the question isn’t what will be the next great idea sprouted within our organization; it’s who will it come from?




When people feel valued for the talents and skills they bring to the team, their level of commitment soars

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