The Competitive Edge: First Quarter, 2019

What Digital Can Do For You?

by Adam Sealts

Digital marketing is now settling in as the norm compared to the shiny new object it was just a few years back. Businesses are seeing the benefits to their bottom line and able to back that up with analytics. For most businesses, this evolution from traditional to digital marketing comes naturally. More devices online, better targeting, less waste, trackable… it just makes sense to embrace this space. For others, digital may still be misunderstood as to how it could benefit their business. One example is in the manufacturing industry. It used to be the good ol’ boys club where everything was bought/sold with a visit and a handshake. Industry specific trade shows were the hot spots for huge deals and networking amongst peers. Buyers utilized age old relationships to purchase materials and rarely changed vendors. Now, buyers are younger, and they have more access to information worldwide than was ever possible. Correctly positioning an industry online so they are now an option as buyers search for their product or service has proven to be a game changer.

We have seen manufacturing clients gain new business they never would have obtained without digital marketing. In a recent meeting, I had an owner of manufacturing business ask his sales manager, how many calls do you think this is bringing us a day? His response with a smile was five to seven a day. All new opportunities routed through the website fed by digital marketing.

Times have certainly changed and will continue to change. The internet has given this 100-year-old business a large ring to throw their hat into, and they are seeing the results. For others who don’t understand or haven’t taken the time to see what digital can do for their business, they better get moving.

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 “Culture beats strategy so much that culture is strategy” – Seth Godin

Welcoming Our Newbies!

My name is Samantha Stechschulte, and I am the Client Services Coordinator here and Follow The Eyes. I recently joined the team in March of 2019. I am a graduate of The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) with a bachelor’s degree in Communication, specifically specializing in strategic communications. Throughout my education, it was required that I enroll in marketing courses. This led me into a whole new world that I was eager and excited to learn more about. Previous to working here, I held a job at K&M Tire as a customer service representative for the car dealership channel. I am very happy to have found a career in marketing where I can thrive and have many opportunities for growth. I am eager to see where this journey takes me and the impact, I can have here at Follow The Eyes.

Once you get to know me, you’ll figure out that I’m not a shy person. I’d say I have a very outgoing personality and I love meeting new people. So, while figuring out what degree I wanted, it only made sense to me to get a degree in Communications. Shortly after I dove into my classes, I began to realize that this degree could be so much more, and I could use this in more than one way. This is what introduced me into the world of marketing and advertising.

Outside of the office, I’m pretty much a regular girl. I have two amazing parents and three older sisters who are like my best friends. I have the cutest dog ever, named Gracie Sue and an amazing boyfriend who supports me daily. Coffee is definitely my go-to in the mornings and I am a huge dog lover! When I have downtime, I usually like to binge watch Netflix, watch sports or maybe get a little work out in. When it comes to going on vacations, you can find me on the beach. I am excited to start this journey and grow with Follow The Eyes.

My name is Brandon Miller, and I am the new Digital Strategy Coordinator at Follow The Eyes. I am originally from Wapakoneta, OH and attended Miami University. I moved to Portland, OR after college for a position, and after a few years I wanted to get closer to home. The opportunity with Follow The Eyes was the perfect fit. Outside of work, my number one passion is music. I played mostly country music live shows in Portland and hope to continue here in the Lima area. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to work.

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