The Competitive Edge: February 2019 Edition

Top 3 Social Trends Forecasted for 2019

by Kiley Rowe

2019 is officially in full swing! A year allows plenty of time for monumental changes, platform shifts, and updates that brands and marketers are challenged to keep up with in the fast-paced land of social media. Below are the top three social media trends we expect to dominate in 2019:

Real Time Content Will Trump All

One of the primary trends we are noticing across all platforms and research is real-time content will outperform highly produced content in 2019. One channel that is expected to skyrocket in 2019 is Facebook and Instagram stories. This year is forecasted to be the first where people watch and post more to their stories than their newsfeeds.

Mobile usage and even shorter attention spans will continue to increase the popularity of short-lived, “story-like” content in 2019, especially with Millennials and Generation Z’ers who thrive on their relationships with brands being authentic and meaningful.

AI-Driven Customer Experiences

We can expect to see AI drive a personalized customer experience across several social media channels. From chatbots to ad optimization, lead platforms like Google and Facebook continue to adopt artificial intelligence to enhance customer interaction. Research predicts by 2020 more than 80 percent of all customer service interaction (will be powered by AI bots.

Millennials have proven to be the quickest adaptors of the AI experience and say they prefer it over a human interaction with a brand because responses are quicker and concise. In 2019, brands will be expected to enhance their online customer service practices to keep up. We expect to see a shift to new platforms that may offer more effective technology for customer service to thrive online, such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Social TV and Vertical Videos

One of 2018’s biggest trends was the launch of IGTV by Instagram. It, along with other developments from social networks, points to the rise of what we’re calling “social television,” lead by the vertical video format. This trend is one of the most exciting social media trends of 2019, and it is going to shift the way brands and marketers create content.

Each platform is working hard to create experiences people want to return to every single day, which is why features like IGTV are so compelling. Content sits right there at the top of the feed and is top of mind each time someone logs on. The daily approach to producing authentic content is something that brands big and small will want to take advantage of in the months ahead.

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Kayla Vogel

February 11

Don’t wish for more hours in the day. Do more with the hours you already have.

– Chris Do, CEO of The Futur

Data Talks: Creating Content for the Future

As many of you may have seen, Data Talks has evolved in literally every way since it’s inception last summer. We have expanded the vision from a simple Instagram TV show to a dynamic weekly tech, social, and data news show that appears on multiple platforms. As the vision grows, so too does the production quality. We have expanded from a single phone on a tripod, to a DSLR camera recording with an external microphone, and now a full studio lighting setup. We will even have a greenscreen appearing in upcoming videos. So, what is the impetus for all these changes?

As a self-taught graphic designer, I would not be where I am today without content from places like YouTube created by industry professionals sharing their expertise online. Much of the programming I grew up watching was from incredibly successful ad agencies and designers that were extraordinarily well established in their careers and very successful at what they do. Coming into QD and FTE, I saw Data Talks as a canvas for sharing our wealth of knowledge with the world. Whether through reporting on the latest trends and changes to social media platforms or sharing our stories about how we got started in our careers, every piece of Data Talks content is valuable information that can help inspire and motivate the next Geos and Haleys of the world.

As Data Talks continues to grow, I invite you to join in on the fun. We have a phenomenal opportunity to set ourselves apart as experts in the advertising agency world – let’s use it to our fullest advantage.