White’s Honda Toyota

White's Honda Toyota

White’s Honda Toyota of Lima (Formerly Allan Nott Honda Toyota) has been a valued partner of Follow the Eyes since our inception in 2011. The dealership, long known for its professionalism and integrity, has grown from 1,900 units per year to over 3,400 units in seven years. Service hours have grown by 173 percent over the same period. Most importantly, we have reduced the repeat purchase timeframe from 57 months to 44 months.

Our initial focus was on media planning and buying. In 2012, we began to develop a digital strategy using banners and video. White’s leadership has been in lock step with Follow the Eyes regarding the switch to online advertising. Since White’s was an early adopter, we shed Auto Trader, reduced traditional advertising, and charted a course for digital dominance.

Follow the Eyes executes campaigns on behalf of White’s Honda Toyota using the following channels: Connected TV, online video, social media, email marketing, online banner ads, broadcast and cable TV, and search engine marketing. All of these channels are interwoven to complement each other. Branded and creative video production and design work have enhanced the dealership’s image. The results speak for themselves.


Through this relationship, we have been taught every function of the dealership business model, which makes us a recognized authority on dealership marketing.

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