East of Chicago Pizza

East of Chicago Pizza

East of Chicago Pizza and Follow the Eyes have enjoyed a partnership since 2012. EOC is a regional franchise system with over 70 locations. East of Chicago has repeatedly faced two challenges: price point and national brand impact. The price slashing of Dominos, Marcos, and Papa John’s means EOC is at a higher price point. The reality is EOC pizza is a better quality pizza—IT’S PIZZA DONE RIGHT. Follow the Eyes set out to create a marketing strategy that encouraged consumers to try it once and convert them to a pizza they would crave at any price point.

Their marketing strategy is split between corporate messaging and support though website design and interactive function, social media marketing, email marketing, aggressive retargeting, and online banner/video campaigns. Local market support includes monthly inserts, online banners/video, mobile geofencing, print ads, box toppers, and door hangers.

The results for East of Chicago have been amazing. Social media likes went from 1,231 in 2012 to 7,852 in 2018. The opt-in email coupon database has grown by 27,934 consumers. Online ordering accounts for 31 percent of annual sales. Their footprint has seen a net gain of 17 additional locations. As a result, the franchise monthly revenue has increased for 63 consecutive months. Annual revenue has grown by $17,000,000 in six years.

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