Our Work: Home Improvement

Follow The Eyes works with many glass, HVAC, and home improvement companies. Scroll down to see examples of how we’ve grown their businesses.

All Service Glass, a client since 2011, has been instrumental in our desire to become experts at marketing retail glass companies. In business since 1975, All Service Glass wanted Follow The Eyes to develop a marketing plan that strengthened their brand, increased sales for residential glass, and double their market share for replacement windows.


The first step was to change the company’s TV commercials to focus on their vision and quality of their replacement windows. Next came a new interactive website built to be informative, establish their superiority over the competition, and provide a claim portal for insurance agents. Once the site was live, we began rolling out online advertising. All Service Glass was an early adopter of digital advertising. We currently use Connected TV, online video/banners, SEM, and social media ads. We have strategically reduced their traditional media spend to less than 40 percent of their total budget.


The results are staggering. All Service Glass replacement window revenue is up over 400 percent. They are consistently increasing over 34 percent year-over-year. Their market share, in the original core area, exceeds 75 percent. Residential glass sales have increased 53 percent, and their brand is well recognized due to the consistency of message from letterhead, service vehicles, and billboards to their video, display, and social ads.

Granite State Glass is the auto, residential, and commercial glass provider residents of New Hampshire and Vermont have counted on for nearly 40 years. They had relied on traditional media to deliver their messaging up until 2014, then Granite State’s director of marketing had the foresight to see the future of their messaging efforts switching to digital and social marketing. In 2015, Follow the Eyes began to research their business extensively. Since we specialize in marketing glass companies, the process of moving Granite State Glass into the digital realm saw instant results.


Granite State Glass has worked with Follow the Eyes to refine their website leads and target glass customers online. In 2015, their monthly form-fill leads averaged 40/month. In 2018, the average is over 300/month! Additionally, we have grown their social following and engagement immensely, and we will serve 33,164,664 impressions on behalf of Granite State Glass through our platform.


Auto glass and residential glass revenue have grown each year. Through a combination of custom pay-per-click campaigns, product-specific residential banner and video ads, social media marketing and lead ads, and location-based campaigns, Granite State Glass has aggressively taken market share and directly impacted their bottom line.

The Blind Factory is a longtime staple for blinds and window treatments in the Columbus, Ohio market. Like most current retailers, they face competition with online sellers and box stores that do not offer the quality, experience, or service they do. The owners had bought their own advertising since day one. However, as they looked to combat competition, grow brand awareness, and appeal to more new customers, they partnered with us to design a strategic marketing model in order to spend more time on their business.


Through detailed market research, we defined a target geography, demographic, keywords, and behaviors to focus branding efforts on their ideal customer. We produced a new television commercial to convey their history, family ownership, and “Made in Ohio” appeal. We carried this theme through their digital advertising, print, and social media and used these platforms to market features exclusive to their business.


Their social media following increased by 150 percent, and their monthly website entrances increased by 50 percent in the first few months of starting our marketing program.

All Stone and Marble is a rather niche business that specializes in marble, granite, terrazzo, and travertine restoration. When we met with All Stone and Marble, their business concern was a lack of quality leads and not showing well on search engines when their services were being searched.


To increase leads and search visibility, we built a competitive search engine marketing campaign to ensure that whenever a service offered by All Stone and Marble is searched online, their ad would appear in a prime position. This strategy led to an increase in quality leads and jobs for All Stone and Marble. We also designed display ads and a retargeting campaign to ensure that potential customers would be reminded about All Stone and Marble during the decision-making process.


This client has seen a steady increase in work and has benefitted from many large repeat clients who initially found them through our marketing efforts.

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