I’m David Crnkovich,


of Follow the Eyes

What do you do here?

I work on the future

How has your role at FTE evolved since you started?

I went from a one-man-band to letting my team run the business—that was scary

What’s the best thing about your job?

Knowing the company and my team no longer need me

What drew you to agency life?

Believed there was a better way of solving the goals and pain points of businesses

What was your first job?

I changed oil in cars

What’s your favorite quote?

“When we are debating an issue, loyalty means giving me your honest opinion, whether you think I’ll like it or not. Disagreement, at this stage, stimulates me. But once a decision has been made, the debate ends. From that point on, loyalty means executing the decision as if it were your own.”

Colin Powell

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Ozzy or Kiss

List your top 3 favorite movies.

A Few Good Men, Patton, Full Metal Jacket