Connected TV

Modern TV for the Modern Era.

You Wouldn’t Ride A Bicycle With A Missing Wheel. Why Would You Advertise Your Business On TV But Leave Out Connected TV?

½ of households in the US watch Connected TV, either with or without a cable subscription

CTV by the numbers.

(The Trade Desk et all)

2021 is the first year CTV subscribers surpassed traditional TV, with traditional TV subscribers expected to drop an additional 27%

(after its 15% drop in 2020)

(Marketing Dive)

2 Out Of Every 5 Overall Ads A User Sees Is From CTV (WARC), & CTV Gets 2X The Video Impressions Of Mobile Devices


Only 1 In 3 People Reported They Expect To Keep Traditional Cable In The Next 5 Years

49% or more of each generation watches CTV.

Currently Subscribed.

18-34 70%
35-44 72%
45-64 58%
65+ 49%
Convinced Yet?

Here Is What CTV Can Offer You:

CTV = Television.

All large screens, all unskippable inventory.

Anytime Is Prime Time.

On-demand TV means users pick when they’re ready to watch TV, leading to less channel surfing, less snack breaks, and no up-front seasons.

CTV Is 1:1.

CTV works on an impression basis – not DMA broadcasts – so your ad is served to your best household and cuts out waste.

CTV Is Highly Targetable.

Don’t guess on demographics, layer on powerful behavioral data that reaches your target audience based on in-market, interest, location data, and more powered by some of the best data providers in the business.

Continue The Conversation With CTV Retargeting.

Reach back out to the audience who have viewed your ad spot through display retargeting those viewers who watched all the way or halfway through.

Reach The Audience You Never Could From Traditional TV.

Even if you’re already doing traditional TV, use CTV to supplement that advertising and increase the reach of your brand message. TV and CTV can be partners in reaching your best audience.

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    The FTE Difference


    Access to Hulu & Live Sporting Events without minimums


    Partnerships with OTT inventory via local cable networks


    Live Reporting Dashboard accessible 24/7, updated daily


    Targeting behavioral audiences at scale (deeper insight than demographics)


    Flexible Geography by state, DMA, city, or zip code levels


    Dedicated team of trained professionals that optimize campaigns in real-time

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