The Competitive Edge: September 2018 Edition

Don’t Show Your Age; Call It Video, Not TV!

by David Crnkovich

Cord-cutting is projected to skyrocket over the next five years. eMarketer estimates that by 2021, over 81 million U.S. consumers will have either cut their cords or never signed up for one in the first place, up 64 percent from 2016. Those changing habits matter. Just as startling, eMarketer expects the overall amount of time consumers spend watching digital video to rise 40 percent to nearly 90 minutes per day by 2019. Consider who is investing to compete with Comcast, Charter, Walt Disney, etc:

Recognize these? They are already investing heavily in delivering you overthe-top (OTT) video content. The process has many names, such as Connected TV, IPtv, etc. Simply put, it is a TV connected to the internet. It is almost impossible to buy a TV nowadays that isn’t a smart TV.

The cord-nevers won’t understand you if you ask them if they are watching TV. It’s simply video to them. What you call a TV is just an over-sized monitor.

So, what does it all mean? OTT advertising is the intersection of traditional TV advertising and digital marketing. Here are some advantages of OTT advertising:

  • Formats: OTT advertising is highly engaging, and it allows you to experiment with animated, static, callto-action, and interactive videos to drive consumer engagement and increase the performance of your video campaigns.
  • High Completion Rates: OTT’s large screen experience results in highly viewable ads because it imitates the cable TV experience.
  • Real-time Data: You can actually measure ad campaign effectiveness by tracking the number of views, clicks, conversions and direct responses, and so much more.
  • Targeting: The OTT technology uses third-party data to complete users’ profiles based on geolocation, zip code, interests, online behavior, device, language, etc. (I could keep going for days here). Precise audience segmentations DON’T SHOW YOUR AGE; CALL IT VIDEO, NOT TV! by David Crnkovich allow you to target audiences with specific messages.
  • Engaged Audiences: Smart TV users choose the OTT content they want to watch. They want high levels of control over the content and how they will consume it, which leads to increased satisfaction among viewers.

2019 will be the first year Follow The Eyes clients will have OTT line items built into their advertising strategies and budgets. We expected the transition to take a couple more years, but the speed by which consumers adopt technology continues to accelerate exponentially. Quit calling it TV. It’s just video!!


Employee Spotlight: Nathan Warnecke

Director of Digital Strategy

Before joining Follow The Eyes in August 2015, I wasn’t completely clear what the responsibilities of working at an advertising agency truly encompassed. With over six years of local television experience, in roles ranging from production to master control to commercial trafficking, I thought I had it all figured out. I quickly learned that agency life goes far beyond making commercials and building television schedules. We help business owners create marketing plans that clear a path for the long-term success of their company.

My interest in all things media began at Delphos St. John High School in 2004 while taking a TV programming class. After high school, I attended Bowling Green State University and graduated with a major in visual communication technology with a specialization in video. Then, I worked various roles for four years at a local television station and almost two years at Time Warner Cable Media before ultimately landing at FTE. As the Director of Digital Strategy, I am responsible for creating and executing digital marketing plans on behalf of our clients. I am a self-proclaimed “tech-nerd,” so making sure that we stay on the cutting edge of new trends in the digital media industry is one of my favorite aspects of this job.

Outside the office, I enjoy spending time and going on adventures with my lovely wife, Allison, and our dog, Bear. We love the outdoors, and can also be found at the latest and greatest craft beer establishments in the area. Football is definitely my favorite sport to watch despite enduring a lifetime of Cleveland Browns blunders. On Saturdays, I can be caught rooting on the Michigan Wolverines.