Case Studies

Granite State Glass

Granite State Glass in one of New England’s finest and foremost authorities on residential and commercial glass products. As one of our oldest working relationships, we’ve seen Granite State Glass grow their online quote requests by over 120% since 2019. Among their robust marketing efforts, FTE provides them with complete CTV, SEM, Social Media, and Display services. Here’s how we’ve helped GSG grow in just the past year with us:

  • 43% increase in form fills for service
  • 26% site visit rate across all FTE digital media efforts
  • .19% total conversion rate across all FTE digital media efforts

White’s Honda Toyota

White’s Honda Toyota is a regional Honda Toyota dealership with a geographic footprint across 10 counties in Northwest Ohio. Through a great team of employees and leaders at White’s plus their 8-year partnership with FTE, White’s has become the top-performing Honda Toyota dealership in NW Ohio. Here is how White’s has grown in just the past year:

  • Average monthly car sales increased 30% since 2017
  • 28% site visit rate across all FTE media efforts
  • .42% total conversion rate across all FTE digital media efforts

Raabe Ford Lincoln

Since Raabe Ford became a client of ours, one of their biggest struggles was reaching their goal of selling over 100 vehicles in a month. There were some months they came very close but could never break it. Raabe Ford is now selling around or OVER 125 vehicles per month. Raabe has won 11 Ford President’s Awards for Excellence in Customer Sales and Service Satisfaction. No other Ford Dealership in this area can say they have won that many.

Total Yearly Sales:

  • 2020 – 1,155

  • 2021 – 1,331

  • 2022 – 1,428

BRP Manufacturing

BRP came to FTE as they had recently updated their website and were looking to increase online exposure. Within the first six months, their online sales had QUADRUPLED the marketing budget for that year. As the program was optimized over the next few months, we averaged over 1,100 clicks and monthly website entrances to the site grew from 1,600 at the campaign start to 3,439. Between five and seven new phone calls are consistently received per day as a result of our marketing efforts, and the quality of inbound leads has improved significantly.


Sales online have increased from 2% to over 20% of their business.

Eldora Speedway

We have worked with the fabled Eldora Speedway, the World’s Greatest Dirt Track™, for more than nine years. Our mission has been to increase their online ticket sales and establish a national presence. Due to the specific nature of their target audience, we’ve had to be very strategic about which marketing strategies to deploy. We’ve utilized a targeted combination of social media advertising, display advertising, and Connected TV advertising to geographies that index high with their target audience.


Over the last three years, this has resulted in 19.5% growth in the three “major events” of their season.

Zeno's World's Most Famous Taffy

Since 1948, four generations of a family have been making the World’s Most Famous Taffy™ on the boardwalk of the World’s Most Famous Beach in Daytona Beach, FL. They have had their eCommerce website open for several years, but did not understand how to properly market to online consumers. Zeno’s started with Follow The Eyes in 2020 and has seen a significant increase in their website sales.


Online Sales:

  • 2019$49,771

  • 2022$125,33.13 – Up 155% from 2019

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