No Marketing Department? No Problem.

Current Marketing Department Spread Too Thin? No Problem.

Follow The Eyes is a Full Service Marketing Agency here to help you reach your goals through:

Connected TV

Our team of Connected TV experts will help you reach cord-cutters, -stackers, and -nevers through streaming players, like Hulu, Sling TV, and so much more. Click here to learn more.

Digital Display

Whether via display banners, pre-roll, or online audio, FTE has in-house analysts and strategists ready to launch a digital campaign for you.

Social Media

Get noticed through FTE social media services, from ad types to organic posting, our in-house experts can help you build your social media presence.

Search Engine Marketing

As a marketing agency, we utilize dynamic, long-string search modeling to create dynamic ad services based on search queries.

Web Development

We can help your business in designing and building everything from simple Microsites to highly complex E-Commerce sites.

Traditional Media

FTE has in-house experts to help you build, place, and negotiate traditional cable and broadcast TV, radio, and billboards, so you can spend less time dayparting and more time on your daily business operations.

Online Radio

Reach people listening to music, radio, and podcasts through our pre-negotiated deals with the most popular online radio streaming services, like Spotify, iHeart, Sonos, TuneIn, and more.


We guide our clients through the maze of “what ifs” and craft a design that works to convey the right message to the right audience through the right media.

Video Production

Whether for a social media series, new ad for TV, or video editing, FTE can handle the production of your next video asset in-house.

Digital Out of Home

Not just billboards anymore, harness the power of holistic out of home ads on digital billboard in malls, supermarket, airports, and more with expanded reporting capabilities compared to traditional Out of Home.

Connected TV

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