I’m Chase Vance,

Business Development / SEM Analyst

at Follow the Eyes

Who are you?

Chase Vance! Business Development/SEM Analyst | High School Soccer Coach |

A tech-driven Millennial passionate about SEO/SEM, Web Development & the online customer buying experience! Marketing is 360!

What do you do here?

Analyze & organize digital proposals & reports. Create & maintain customize keyword lists & media plans. Conduct extensive keyword and Google search research. Compose presentations & contracts for SEM buys. Consistently collaborate with internal personnel to verify media plans, purchases and various SEM/digital decisions.

Morning or night person?

An AM individual! I feel better in the morning, however, I wake up early and stay up late, so both.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My ridiculous alarm most of the time. Although, performing my passion on a daily basis gives me the energy, drive & mindset to get out of bed and enjoy the daily grind!

Booth or table?

Booth, way more comfortable and relaxing! I tend to choose a booth that is away from the chatter so I can enjoy my dining experience.

What do you love about your job?

The active, energetic & transparent culture. Everyone works collaboratively and communication is clear and consistent.