I’m Brad Tiernan,

Director of Business Development

at Follow the Eyes, Denver

Who are you?

My name is Brad Tiernan. I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My Marketing degree led to a career path in broadcast and digital media. I migrated west to Denver in 2015, and I have not looked back. I love the combination of city life and the outdoor activities that Denver has to offer. I am a huge sports fan, and I enjoy spending my spare time mountain biking and golfing.

What do you do here?

I am the Director of Business Development in Denver, CO. There is not a one-size-fits-all marketing plan that works for every single client. I take a consultative approach when I partner with organizations and businesses. The key is learning as much as possible about my business partners in order to provide insights and develop a multi-platform marketing strategy to help them achieve their vision and goals. As an added bonus, I protect their time and money allocated to marketing so they can focus their energy on doing what they do best.

Morning or night person

I’ve been told that I’m a little too hyper in the mornings!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My alarm clock, a good breakfast, exercise, and the opportunity to start a new day!

Favorite kind of cake?

My Mom used to make me the same birthday cake every year: Strawberry cake topped with cream cheese frosting and berries. Still my favorite!

Booth or table?

Definitely a booth.

Biggest pet-peeves?

Negativity, pessimism, and cliché sayings. I’m also not a huge fan of grown men wearing skinny jeans!

What do you love about your job?

I love the self gratification I feel when my clients achieve their desired results from successful marketing campaigns that I help develop. It’s a very rewarding feeling.